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Safetree, supported by WorkSafe, piloted the new Hauora Safety Leadership programme recently in Rotorua. 

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Feedback from the pilot was very positive and we will soon be rolling-out this programme around the country. The programme is for new and emerging leaders who are up for the challenge of being exposed to a different approach to leadership. This includes learning about: 

  • Different leadership styles, and how they can change depending on the situation or context you are working within.
  • Your own communication style and the communication styles of others.
  • The ways in which you best learn, and also how others may prefer to learn.

Combining these three elements can help leaders engage with workers, unlock their potential and guide their development – while at all times using safety and wellbeing as a core and central element of their work. A key feature of the programme is that it uses principles and frameworks from Te Ao Māori, including the Te Whare Tapa Whā wellness model. The concepts behind this model (physical, mental, spiritual, and mental health) are relevant to everyone, not just Māori.

The programme provides an opportunity for people to looking at leadership from a different perspective, to open their minds to different ways of working and to learn about better ways of working. Shortly we will provide information about where and when the courses will run. In the meantime, please think about who in your business could benefit from attending.

Joe Akari

CEO Safetree

Featured Safetree Certified Contractor – Knight Logging

Zane Knight, owner of Knight Logging, and his operator Johnson Peri, talk about their new T-Winch, which can be operated from the cab using a remote control. Zane says the T-Winch is so easy to use that Johnson stays hooked up all the time when harvesting down the hill – meaning he’s much safer.

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Featured Safetree Certified Contractor – Volcanic Plateau Harvesting

Watch this video about Vincent Yeoman, owner of Volcanic Plateau Harvesting, who has created automatic barrier arms to control access to forestry sites when hazardous work is being done. The automatic barriers get the thumbs up from his operator and truck drivers!

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Great videos covering key tips on repairs and maintenance

See these short clips that cover key tips for staying safe when repairing and maintaining forestry machinery. They summarise messages contained in longer videos created to complement a guide to repairs and maintenance created by Rayonier Matariki.

See the videos on Safetree’s TikTok page

See the full videos or read the maintenance guide on the Safetree website

Timberlands support Safetree Contractor Certification

Timberlands has announced that all its harvesting contractors will transition to Safetree Contractor Certification. For New Zealand’s largest forest manager to commit to Safetree Certification is great news. It joins a growing number of forest owners and managers who have made this commitment.

Injury data reminds us why Tailgate meetings are important

Analysis of data in the IRIS system suggests there are two times when incidents and injuries are more likely to happen –  Mondays and after people return to work from morning tea and lunch. This tells us we could benefit from having ways to get peoples’ ‘heads back in the game’ after they’ve had breaks. One obvious way to do this is at morning tailgate meetings – particularly on Mondays. See Safetree’s resources on running tailgates, including a new checklist crews can use to remind themselves of key things to cover during the tailgate.

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