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Safetree delivers health and safety initiatives to the forestry industry. It is operated by the Forest Industry Safety Council, a partnership of workers, industry and government. 


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Contractor Certification

Find out how to become a Safetree Certified harvesting or silviculture contractor, which provides independent confirmation of good H&S practices.
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Safetree Contractor Register

See the Register of Safetree Certified harvesting & silviculture contractors. Contractors can login to the Register to manage their registration.
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Safetree Worker Certification

Find out how you, or members of your crew, can become Safetree Certified Workers. Certification is available for fallers and breakers-out.
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Our Toroawhi / Worker Champions support forestry businesses and workers to improve worker engagement and wellbeing. Find out more or request a visit.
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Explore our resources specifically designed for forestry businesses and crew members. These include factsheets, videos, BPGs and health and wellbeing info.
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Industry Stories

In these videos forestry businesses share their experiences and lessons, including how they've engaged with workers and used innovation to create a safer workplace.

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Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are a great way for forestry businesses to learn from each other's challenges and experiences. Send us your Safety Alerts and we'll share them with the industry.

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Here you will find Safetree's Health and Safety Performance Dashboard for forestry, and IRIS reports that collect incident information from some forestry companies.
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Tailgate meetings

Safetree's tailgate meeting resources include a template for running a tailgate meeting and factsheets that can be used at meetings to support good H&S discussions with crews.
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Browse Safetree's information for silviculture businesses and crews. These include a set of factsheets specifically for silviculture that can be used at tailgate meetings.
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Featured resources

Dealing with windthrow trees

Cyclone Gabrielle left considerable windthrow in forests. Here is information on how to manage the hazards presented by windthrow trees.
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Winch-Assisted Harvesting BPG

At the industry’s request and with funding from ACC and WorkSafe, Safetree has developed a Winch-Assisted Harvesting Best Practice Guide.
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Repairs & Maintenance

See this guide by Rayonier Matariki Forests to safe systems of work for mobile plant repair & maintenance. It includes two short videos with key safety messages.
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Small scale forestry

Browse Safetree's information for small scale forestry operations, including info for landowners, managers, crews and workers.
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Latest news

Safety Alerts - spate of weather related incidents

Wet Spring conditions are affecting forestry operations, including making trees unstable, roads more challenging and potentially causing loads to become unstable. We are aware of a number of cases where Spring conditions have led to incidents – which are covered in some of the Safety Alerts below. These incidents are a reminder that no two days are the same in forestry and we need to constantly adjust the way we work to the conditions.

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Latest news

The latest safety and Safetree news

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