Dealing with windthrow trees

Cyclone Gabrielle left considerable windthrow in forests. Here is information on how to manage the hazards presented by windthrow trees.
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Safetree’s strongest recommendation is that windthrow should be harvested using machines.

Windthrow and the cutting of wood under tension creates significant risks for workers. That is why the ACoP states that machine-assisted felling must be the first choice for salvaging windthrow trees, wherever possible. Consider retiring the land if mechanical harvesting isn't possible. Safetree is aware of one large forest owner who has decided that all windthrow areas must be felled mechanically, and no manual falling will be done. Where trees can't be mechanically felled, the wind-affected areas will be retired. Safetree acknowledges the leadership shown by this forest owner and its tangible commitment to protecting the wellbeing and safety of forestry workers. See more information in the resources below.

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